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What is the Green Homes Grant and Am I Eligible?

On the 8th July, Rishi Sunak informed the nation of a new Green Homes Grant Scheme which confirms funding for homeowners to make their properties more energy efficient. The government will pay for two-thirds of these home improvements up to the value of £5k. This was announced as part of a £3 billion green jobs package and some property owners may also be eligible for a voucher up to £10k towards energy saving improvements.

When Does the Green Homes Grant Start?

The green homes grant scheme will start in England and Wales as of September 2020 and will continue through to March 2021.

Who Qualifies for the Green Homes Grant?

Any homeowner or landlord in England and Wales can apply for a voucher through the green homes grant. However it is worth noting that homeowners must install at least one improvement from the primary category of energy-saving measures in order to qualify for a voucher.

What Does the Green Homes Grant Cover?

The vouchers that will be given to homeowners under the Green Homes Grant initiative will cover the installation of energy-improving measures such as:

  • External wall (also known as solid wall), under-floor, cavity wall or roof insulation
  • Solar thermal panels
  • Ground or air source heat pumps
  • Double or secondary/triple glazing (when replacing single glazing)
  • Hot water tank/appliance tank thermostats/heating controls
  • Energy efficient doors

Notably different from the green homes schemes we have seen before, the new Green Homes Grant Initiative will not include the installation or replacement of gas boilers.

How to Claim the Green Homes Grant

Further details have now been confirmed on the requirements to claim one of these vouchers. Homeowners must install at least one measure from the primary category of energy efficiency measures to qualify for a voucher. The primary category includes:

  • Insulation (including external wall/solid wall, loft, under-floor and cavity wall)
  • Low carbon heating (heat pumps, ground source heat pumps or solar panels)

So long as one of the primary category improvements above is being installed, you can also claim for a grant for the secondary measures such as double/triple glazing, energy efficient doors, draught proofing or heating controls.

The latest updates given on claiming the green homes grant specifically mention only using companies that are trademark approved. We do not know any further details yet on this however we would always recommend using trademark approved companies, to ensure quality of work and customer service.

Tor Solutions are a trademark approved company with specialists in external wall insulation and render. The work we cover falls into the primary category of energy-efficiency measures and would qualify homeowners for a voucher under the green homes grant. Applications for these vouchers do not open until September 1st, however why not sign up below for early access through us?

All you need to do is leave your contact information and we will get in touch as soon as the vouchers start to become available and assist you with your application where possible, feel free to leave a message with your details if you would like to discuss your project prior to the voucher release or have any further questions!

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You could be eligible for a voucher of up to £10,000 towards making your home more energy efficient.
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